Admission Nurse Practitioner in Critical Care (NPCC)

Admission Proedure:

The candidate desirous to seek admission to nursing programmes,need to appear in Common Entrance Exam (CET) conducted by MGM Institute of Health Sciences, Navi Mumbai

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Must have undergone the B.Sc. Nursing in an institution recognized by the Indian Nursing Council
  2. The applicant; must be a registered B.Sc. Nursing programme with a minimum of one year clinical experience, preferably in any critical care setting prior to enrollment.
  3. Must have scored not less than 55% aggregate marks in the B.Sc. Nursing program.
  4. Selection will be based on the merit of an entrance examination and interview held by the competent authority

Fee Structure:

Sr.No. Particulars Fee I Year NPCC (N)
II Year NPCC (N)
1 Tuition Fee Rs. 80,000 Rs. 80,000
2 Clinical Affiliation and other Fee Rs. 5,000 Rs. 5,000
3 Registration Fee Rs. 1,000 Nil
4 Eligibility Fee Rs. 8,000 Nil
5 Hostel Fee Rs. 32,000 Rs. 32,000
6 Hostel Deposit(Refundable) Rs. 10,000 Nil
7 Library Deposite(Refundable) Rs. 10,000 Nil
8 Medical Insurance Nil Nil
9 SNA Subscription Nil Nil
Total Rs. 1,46,000 Rs. 1,17,000
(Exam Fees as per University rule)

Cancellation and Refund of Fee:

  • Candidate who has confirmed his/her admission may cancel it by submitting an application to the concerned Dean/Principal.
  • A refund claim may be admitted on merits after due consideration of the request through the institution, in accordance to the regulation prescribed for the purpose by the MGMIHS.
  • Security deposit is refundable after completion of the course or candidates leaving the course for any other reason
  • In the event of a candidate withdrawing before the starting the course, the waitlisted candidates will be given admission against the vacant seat.
  • The tuition fee collected from the student, after a deduction of the processing fee of not more than Rs. 1000/- shall be refunded and returned by the Institution to the candidate withdrawing from the course before commencement of course.
  • If the candidate withdrawing admission after cutoff date then no refund is permissible and the candidate shall have to pay the tuition fee for total duration of the course.
  • Please note that, if the applicant wants to shift to another program after confirming the admission in a particular program, he/she will have to cancel the admission from the admitted institute and cancellation charges as mentioned below will be applicable in such cases.
Admission cancellation charges:
Sr. No. Point of time when notice of Cancellation of admission is received Cancellation charges applicable
1 Before 15th July, 2019 5% of tuition fee OR Rs. 5000/- (whichever is less)
2 Within 16th July to 30th July, 2019 10% of Tuition fees
3 Within 1st August to 15th August 2019 20% of Tuition fees
4 Within 16th August to 30th August, 2019 50% of Tuition fees
5 After 30th August
  1. No refund of 1st year fees
  2. Full fees of subsequent 3 years to be paid by student.